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15 Stylish Succulent Shelf Ideas You Can Buy or Recreate

I absolutely love shopping online for succulents and gardening supplies. If you aren't already saving money by comparing prices online, give it a try! Here are six of my favorite things that I have purchased online as I build my own succulent oasis:

According to WVU, “Planting and tending to the care of succulents lowers stress, lowers blood pressure, improves mood and gives a sense of accomplishment.” Reading this statement the other day made me realize that it’s no wonder succulent collecting quickly turns into a bit of an obsession!

When I brought home my first few succulents, I never imagined how quickly my collection would expand. My husband enjoyed having plants around our home, but when they started impeding on our counter space, I knew I had to find shelves for them soon.

I’ve always appreciated the idea of using vertical wall space for organizing and decorating, but I never really considered them for houseplants. I found my first set of shelves in my dad’s old barn and then immediately started shopping online for more. It’s amazing how some succulent shelves can bring a home together and keep spaces like countertops, dining room tables, and side tables clear.

If you’re a gardener, chances are you already have a few types of succulents in your collection. They’re easy to take care of and they always look good. But where do you put them? These succulent shelf ideas have been a lifesaver for me, so I’m going to share some of my best finds. You can either buy them or recreate them yourself using some scrap materials!

Best Succulent Shelf Ideas to Create Instant Space for Plants

I’ve filled everything from our windowsills to our fireplace mantle with succulents, but I still have more plants than spaces to display them. That’s why I’ve been researching tons of succulent shelves these days. There are so many options, but these are some of the succulent shelf ideas that I love the most.

1. Hexagonal Floating Shelves

succulents on hexagonal shelves

I purchased two sets of these black hexagonal shelves and absolutely love them. Each set of six includes three different sizes. They are probably made of pine wood or palettes, so I wouldn’t expect each shelf to hold a ton of weight, but they are perfect for succulents. I can put two to three plants on each shelf depending on the wall placement.

The hexagonal shelf is super trendy right now, and you can place them in any design you like. They only extend a few inches from the wall, so if you hang them in a tight space like a hallway or stairwell, you won’t have to worry about knocking into them!

They can go flush next to each other, or you can space them a few inches apart to make your shelving space stretch further. I love the geometric look that they bring to my home! And my 4-inch potted succulents fit perfectly on them. I personally hung them on a wall that gets the most sun in the afternoon and evening since succulents love their sunlight.

2. Circular Wall Shelves

circular wall shelf with plants and decor

These circular-style wall shelves were high on my list of choices. In fact, I still have some wall space in my bathroom left to add shelving, and this style will fit perfectly! This wall shelf for succulents is usually larger than the individual hexagon shelves, so they can definitely hold some weight. I’ve seen people use them for plants, books, and even office supplies.

The cool thing about these is that you can buy them in different colors or finishes to match your home’s style. I’ve seen them in white, bamboo, and even light-colored wood. No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to find a style that fits your home.

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3. Ladder Wall Shelves

ladder shelves with plants

Ladder shelves are becoming increasingly popular, and I can see why. They offer a unique way to display succulents and other knick-knacks while still providing some storage space. I love how they make such great use of the vertical space in your home. If you are limited on wall space, then these succulent shelves are ideal.

I’ve seen people use antique A-frame ladders as plant stands too, but I think they work best as shelves. That way, you can evenly distribute the weight and not worry about your kids or pets bumping into the ladder and tipping over your plants. And if you want to get really creative, you can always paint or stain the ladder to match your home’s style.

4. Hanging Rope Shelves

hanging rope shelves with succulents

This is probably one of the most unique ways to display your succulents. I’ve seen hanging rope shelves used as both indoor and outdoor plant holders. You can find options made of natural materials like jute or hemp rope and wood, so they fit in perfectly with that boho-chic style.

Hanging rope shelves are also easy to make yourself, or you can find them for sale online or sometimes at your local garden center. All you need is some strong rope, a few strong boards, and some hooks to hang them from the ceiling. I love how they look in any room and add a touch of nature to your home. You can even use rustic boards or flat pieces of driftwood.

5. Window Sill Shelves

If you have a window in your home that gets plenty of sunlight, then this is the perfect place to put your succulents. Standard window sills are the right size for most potted plants, and they offer a great way to display your plants.

But sometimes you need just a little more space or style to brighten things up. These window sill shelves do just that and more. You can find different options that fit the personality of your space.

I love how you can use a succulent window shelf to add some greenery to any room in your home. And if you have a window that opens, you can even hang your shelves on the outside of your house so that your succulents can catch some extra sun rays. Just make sure you use a strong hook or bracket to support the weight of the plants.

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6. Corner Shelves

corner shelf with plant and decor

Corner shelves are great for small spaces because they make use of that often wasted space in the corner of a room. They come in all different styles and materials, so you can find one that fits your home’s style perfectly. I’ve seen people use everything from antique bookshelves to modern corner shelves.

Most corner shelves are pretty compact, so they are perfect for displaying succulents. Just make sure you don’t put too many heavy pots on them unless they are secured to the wall. You can usually find freestanding corner shelves or those that anchor right to your walls.

7. Hanging Planter Boxes

hanging planter boxes

Hanging planter boxes are another great way to display your succulents. They offer a unique way to show off your plants while freeing up floor space. I’ve seen people use them to create a living wall of plants or to simply display a few potted succulents alongside other items.

You can find succulent shelf planters made of all different materials, from wood to metal. And they come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly. Just make sure you use a strong hook or bracket to support the weight of the objects you plan to place on your shelf.

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8. Cube Shelves

cube shelves with plants and decor

Cube shelves are a great way to add some storage space to your home while still being able to display your succulents. They are perfect for small spaces because you can stack them up high or put them side by side. And they come in all different materials, from wood to plastic. Just make sure you don’t put too many heavy pots on them without securing them to the wall.

You can also hang floating cube shelves directly on the wall. They come in different sizes and finishes, so it’s easy to match your current decor. Make sure to measure the width and depth of the shelves to determine how many succulents you can display on each one.

9. Metal Grid Shelf

metal grid shelf with plants hanging

This is a great option if you want to be able to see all your plants at once. Metal grid shelves offer a unique way to display your plants in front of a window while still being able to see through them. That way your succulents can receive plenty of sunlight from the window behind them.

You can find metal grid shelves at most home improvement stores or online. Make sure to use strong hooks or brackets to anchor them to the wall as they can be flimsy and off-balance.

10. Industrial Pipe Shelving

industrial pipe shelves

Using industrial pipes to hang succulent shelves adds a unique look to your home. And the style is especially fitting for homes with high ceilings. They look great in any room and add a touch of industrial chic.

You can find all the materials you need to create your own industrial pipe shelves at most hardware stores. Just make sure you use strong brackets or supports to hold the weight of the plants. You can also purchase complete kits online which include genuine black iron industrial piping and rustic wooden shelves.

11. Rustic Wood Shelves

rustic wood shelves

Rustic wood shelves have been proudly displayed in homes for centuries. I love how they add a touch of nature to any room, and they are some of the highest quality shelves you can find for your succulents. You’ll need strong hooks or brackets to support the weight of the boards which you can find online or in your local hardware store.

12. Stone Ledges

Stone ledges are truly unique and can enhance the look of a room decorated with brick accents or a stone fireplace. They come in all different styles and materials, so you can find one that fits your home’s style perfectly. If you purchase real stone shelves, make sure to use heavy-duty brackets and mount them to drywall studs.

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13. Glass Shelves

Glass shelves offer a sleek and modern way to display your succulents while still being able to see through them. These are especially gorgeous stacked in front of windows as they don’t cast shadows in your room like solid shelves would.

Glass shelves are readily available at home improvement stores. You can also purchase them online from trusted retailers and have them shipped to your home.

14. Floating Shelves

floating shelves with decor

Floating shelves can dress up a room and provide ample space for your growing collection of succulents. They are a fun option because you can place them in any arrangement to suit your style and space. Floating shelves can be hung with visible brackets or you can go for the true floating look and use hidden anchors.

15. Macrame Hanging Shelves

macrame hanging shelves with plant and decor

Macrame hanging shelves are a great way to add some boho chic to your home. They come in all different sizes and can be hung from the ceiling or wall. The more detailed the macrame, the higher price you can expect to pay. These are fun to buy locally if you have any craft fairs or handmade businesses in your area.

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Create More Space for Your Succulents with Shelves

If you don’t have a lot of space for your plants, these succulent shelf ideas are a great way to free up some floor space. And there are so many different types of shelves to choose from. Whether you want something that hangs on the wall or something that sits on the floor, there’s sure to be a shelf that’s perfect for your home.

My personal favorite shelving units are those that attach to the walls, but I also have some free-standing shelves that I can move around as needed. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to move your plants to another room or window to get the best light.

Whether you prefer the geometric look of hexagonal shelves or the rustic look of wooden shelves, there’s sure to be a shelf that’s perfect for your succulents. And if you’re looking for a way to add some extra storage space to your home, shelves are a great way to do it.

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